Whether you’re selling personality, or pastries, branding your biz online can supercharge your career into hyper gear – if done right. We’ve seen some notable brands making their way from dream to destiny in no time flat because their messaging and branding was top notch. I’ll walk you through my top ten digital do’s so you too can get your branding from zero to 100 real quick.


    1. Become the “Know It All”

    If you want repeat customers and engagement, or “brand loyalty, one sure fire tool is to use your smarts. Give great advice on whatever niche you’re in, and pretty soon, you’ll have a crowd swarming for great tips. Continually absorb knowledge and don’t be greedy. Share, share, share! We’re in the information age, people now more than ever want answers at their fingertips, and if you can provide that, then you’re as good as gold.

      2. Say my name, say my name

      So now you’ve created this following, and people want to Tweet you, see what you’re pinning, and stalk you on Facebook. There’s only one problem…they can’t find you! If you’re not keeping your name consistent on social media, then you’re doing it wrong. People want to see your same name so they can search you and share your awesomeness with the world, so keep it the same for more glam gain!

      3. Update Often

      This one is a no-brainer, but  something that’s sooo important. Stay social on online mediums, it takes more than just a post once  or twice a week to create a brand following. You can never post too much when it comes to social media, so the more you post, the better off you’ll be! Also don’t just post to post. Post things that will engage, and enrich someone else’s life!

      4. Have a Website

      There’s no excuse for this! If someone googles you and you don’t have a nice looking web presence, they’ll think twice about your credibility! I’ve used both WordPress and Squarespace in my web designing projects where it makes it super easy to make an online portfolio, a store, or a blog – no excuse – get plugged in!

      5. Do More Offline

      Sometimes we get caught up in how we appear online, that we fail to balance what we do offline. Branding your self offline is just as important as branding yourself online – if not more important. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so get out there and market yourself offline more!

      6. Be Kind and Work Hard

      You can’t expect for everything to happen all at once. It takes time to attract a following, but as long as you work hard (and be kind), you will succeed.

      7. Be a Blabber Mouth

    Being social about your business is just the beginning of your branding. Once you start being more vocal about what you’re doing, whether it be selling jewelry, or doing hair, people WILL talk. Word can spread as fast as lightening, so make sure you’re prepared for more questions, cold calls, and emails!

    8. Stop Stalking Your Competition

    Don’t compare yourself to anyone out there. only you have that special something that your brand will embody. Sure it’s cool to get some inspiration from other people doing it, but the more you compare, the more you’ll despair, so don’t do it!

    9. Be Excited

    No one wants to do business with someone who’s not passionate or compelling. If you’ve convinced yourself you want to create a business doing something you love, share in the excitement. This will translate into energetic tweets, Instagram posts and YouTube videos, so continue to remember why you started, and make other people excited about what you’re doing!

    10. Get Some Style and Stick to it

    Folks like Pop Physique, and The Doux Salon do this oh so well. Snappy wording, a family of typography and similar colors, all communicate your branding online. Even around the holidays, perhaps you wouldn’t think to use canary yellow in a Fourth of July Add – but everything you put out should still look and feel like your brand.