If where did I put my — is a running theme in your day, then girl! You need to get organized. Here are a couple of ways to organize your life.

1. A Schedule
If you find yourself getting to the end of your day and not knowing where your time went, you have got to get to schedulin’. This has been a battle for me in my early twenties, but my life has become exponentially better when I decided to implement a schedule for myself. This means I got into a heavy routine, with my: bed, and my grocery list, because these were my two main goals for improving my life. I started to notice that when I meal prepped a week prior and got ample rest, I had so much less stress in the middle of the week, and it was all thanks to my schedule. This brings me to my next organizational tip: plannering!

2. A Planner
Get something cute, that you’re going to want to look at daily and come back to. I use the Day Designer, I picked it up from Target, and love reaching for it in all it’s hot pink goodness. You have got to be vigilant about planning your schedule. Literally carve out a time to do this daily (I do mine before I go to bed), and daily reevaluate what you did and set a plan of attack for tomorrow. This was challenging for me, so, do what you have to do to make it a habit. Do this for 21 days without stopping and once you get to 21 days, reward yourself with something awesome.

3. Patience
When you have these crazy-sexy but big-and-scary goals, you have got to be super self compassionate and operate in patience. When you go from lazy Susan to Super Woman, you will start to see how long things really take as opposed to how long you thought it would take. In other words your perceived werk time radar is off (I just made this up, so don’t like research it or anything). So for instance, you may think to yourself, “I’ll knock out a youtube video and a sponsored blog post in XYZ time.” And then you start to do the thing and the thing takes FOREVER – this is when patience comes in. Being patient with yourself is imperative, because there’s a learning curve on learning…you. Your perceived werk time radar will work better will improve your perceived werk time radar as you go along. All good things take time, so hang in there.

4. A Label Maker
If you are super forgetful like me, you need a label maker in your life. You will thrive on organization once you know where things go. Get wild with your label maker-got laber maker wasted. In the world of organization, it is totally OKAY to be a label whore. Label everything form your office supplies, to your makeup drawer, to your foxy socks and bit bops; you will only benefit more from taking the guesswork out of knowing where things go.

6. Time
“Haha good one Victoria, where can I buy more time,” you ask. Well, you can’t necessarily buy more time, but you can, make more time. So I’ve noticed that when I get my fair share of rest and I get my balance going (which is going to look different from your balance) I find that I can in essence make more time. This is why, being organized, getting the most energy, planning ahead and hustling is so important. So I stress getting a planner, and making a routine and doing this for 21 days, because it generates so much time. When you plan your meals, your clothes, and your actions ahead of time, you take the guess work out of your life. Now not everything is going to go according to plan, but if you become very Christian Greyesque about your schedule, you will reap the rewards of getting back “lost time.” That where did I put that – time trap of 10 minutes looking for your keys because you didn’t plan ahead and put them in your bag the night before, will free yo schedule hunnie!

7. Rest
Getting your snoozie on is soooo important. How can you do the thing, when you don’t have the energy to do the thing? Put yourself on a strict schedule in adherence to the time when you get up (subtracting 6 – to 8 hours) do this for 21 days to make the habit stick. Everything is about energy and if you don’t feel up to doing whatever is you’re called to do, you’ll be miserable at the end of everyday. So barring you don’t have any health issues, get as much sleep as you can and make it non negotiable.

8. Repeat
This is the most important thing if not the most important on the list is to repeat these steps, don’t get comfortable in your failure or your success, no matter what you accomplish or don’t accomplish, you have to keep it going, I know it’s hard but it’s imperative that you don’t wallow in any outcome. Always push yourself to do better than the day before, and don’t compare yourself to others. Define your own success and continue to daily recommit yourself to your passion and your calling. Consistency is legit the KEY!